Within the Fortnite database files were added titled “Fly Explosives”, they had the following description: “This mode combines the explosive fun of the High Explosives LTM and the vaulted Limited Time Item Jetpack. Take to the skies and blast everyone else back to the lobby!”

From this description and the files found we can expect a new LTM coming to Fortnite soon. This looks to be a very chaotic LTM, jetpacks and a bunch of explosives? Looks like fun. The High Explosives LTM was a very enjoyable LTM, and lots of people loved it. Looks like Epic heard the positive feedback on the LTM and decided to bring it back, but with an interesting twist.

Epic hasn’t announced the gamemode, and it could be here with the Guided Missile tomorrow. Which would be perfect and the LTM would fit right in with it. Aswell EpicDustyDevo from Epic Games mentioned “We’ll have something new flying your way next week.” Which suggests even more that the LTM will be added tomorrow. However nothing is completely certain, we can only hope.