The official twitter account for the FC Nantes football/soccer team posted a video to their twitter account titled “There’s a new one in the squad…” The clip starts with three players in the pre-game lobby, two players using soccer uniform skins, and one player using the John Wick skin.

The players names in the lobby are Coach Miguel (John Wick) , Diego Carlos (Soccer Skin), and Val Rongier (Soccer Skin). The Nantes coach’s name is Miguel Cardoso, the Nantes have a Brazilian defender named Diego Carlos, and the Nantes have a french midfielder named Valentin Rongier.

The squad comes jumps out of the battle bus and head straight to the soccer field west of Titled Towers, they score a quick goal and go to open a door heading out of the soccer field and the clip cuts to Evangelista wearing the Nantes uniform and turns to salute. The video ends with the words “Bem Vindo” written out in a Fortnite Build. Bem vindo means “Welcome” in Portuguese.