Epic Games has just released a Developer Update video that goes over the recent weapon changes, Storm changes and the new progressive outfits. Eric Williamson walks us through the decisions Epic Games decided to make for Season 5 based on the constant feedback they hear from the Fortnite Community. I personally find it interesting listening to developers talk about how they look at balanced and what causes them to adjust things as games evolve and grow.

Check out the full video below and give us your thoughts.

Weapon Changes

They wanted to make them more consistent so they made the bullet spread always be the same inside the target area. Also added a red dot for each bullet that connects with your enemy so you always know how many shotgun pellets connected. They also added a small delay when firing a shotgun and switching to another shotgun, double pump if you will. The delay is visible within your reticle area.

SMGs: Suppressed SMGs have had fallout damage reduced slightly because they noticed that suppressed SMGs were being used instead of Assault Rifles at longer ranges.

Storm Changes

For the final circles (7, 8 & 9), the storm circle will now show up outside the player area and they circle will slowly start shrinking towards that area. This was done to offer a dynamic end to the final circles so players don’t just build a 1×1 and camp the end.

Progressive Outfit Update:

For the Drifter and Ragnarok skins, players now just need to earn a specific amount of XP to unlock the full sets, 200,000 XP and 500,00 XP respectfully. This also carries over into the next seasons so you don’t need to stress on collection it all within a single season.