Epic Games has released their newest Developer update video today to discuss the changes to SMGs, Remote Explosives and the return of the hated Guided Missile rocket launcher. Andrew Bains discusses Epic’s goals for the recent balance changes for SMG to bring them more in line with close quarters combat. They admit that the introduction to the new SMGs in Fortnite was a little to powerful in terms of damage and range output. They wanna make sure that SMGs are a good choice but not the only choice in terms of close engagements.

Remote Explosives have had a reduction in blast radius and also require they be attached to some type of structure before it can be detonated. Apparently these changes are very healthy and still allow remote explosives to sit comfortably in their current meta place according to Andrew. The community however is saying that the C4 are too plentiful out on the battle field so Epic is considering reducing the spawn amount and might limit the amount you can stack in a future update.

The Guided Missile is also making a return but Epic is trying to make sure they don’t follow the mistakes of the first release. Andrew says they are trying to position the new Guided Missile to be more of a scouting tool instead of a nonstop explosive barrage to battle against. Movement speed, turning radius and damage (radius) are all being reduced in order to combat the campy play style this weapon was known for. The ammo cap will still be at 12 like the current rocket launcher cap.