Image via 9to5Google

If a recent report over at 9to5Google is to be believed then Samsung has secured the rights to have Fortnite on Android to launch exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9 for 30 days. The phone is speculated to release on August 24th, so we would assume that would be the date that Fortnite will be available for the first time on Android as well. iPhone and iPad users have been able to enjoy Fortnite mobile since April of 2018 and the game has already seen millions of downloads on those devices. And with Android being the biggest phone OS in the world, we can expect Fortnite to get even closer to world domination.

Per-orders of the Note 9, which start on the August 12th, are also said to come with a bonus of $100-$150 worth of V-Bucks to use in game. That’s a nice hefty amount if your really a die hard Fortnite player and wanna splurge on those Legendary outfits. Now if you’re not in the mood the spends hundreds of dollars to buy a new Android phone just to play Fortnite mobile early then you’ll have to wait just another 30 days for the game to be available on all support Android devices.

Again nothing has been confirmed by either Epic Games or Samsung as of yet but keep it locked to Fortnite Police as news starts to come in regarding Fortnite on Android.