Completing all the Season 5 Week 3 Challenges will grant you access to the hidden Road Trip #3 Battle Star. The location can be seen in the loading screen image within the front license plate of the golf card, which read J2 (Star) SW. Looking at the south-west are of the J2 square on the map, we can see that the star is located just outside the house that has a lot of wood building. The Star is located on the brown patch in the grass within this area.

Below you’ll find the map location and screenshot of the actual area of the Road Trip #3 Battle Star Location.

The Road Trip Challenges are a new addition to Season 5 Fortnite. The Challenges reward a mystery outfit that can only be unlocked once you’ve completed all challenges for 7 weeks worth of challenges. Once that is done, you’ll have access to interact somewhere on the map to unlocked the Season 5 mystery skin.