Previous Twitch Prime Packs have been launched at the beginning of a new season, and since we’re now into the 3rd week of season 5 we could be seeing a new twitch prime pack very soon. July 11th is when the last Twitch Prime pack ended so it’s safe to assume that it will be coming soon. Looking at the leaked skins found in patch 5.1, the Archetype skin and set looks to be the next Twitch Prime pack.

Accourding to Fortnite leaker Fortrisen, The Archetype skin will be Season 5’s Twitch Prime cosmetic rewards. The pack will include the outfit, glider, harvesting tool, back bling. The camo on the set fits right into the same camo used in previous packs, as well as all previous skins from Twitch Prime packs have had camo somewhere on them. So it just makes sense that the Archetype set will be in the next Twitch Prime pack.

Epic Games and Twitch have not announced this set as being in the next pack, nor have they said a new Twitch Prime Pack will be coming out soon. This is just speculation due to the information we have.